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21 February 2011 @ 10:39 pm
I realized that i have had this journal for nearly 3 years and i haven't done too much of anything in the way of participation , i ask for people to help me find fics and i will comment on peoples post but I'm not very active on my own, And i can only imagine how much it bothers some of you.So I'm going to try and start fixing that :)

*I'm Amanda
*I'm 20
*I made my live-journal to keep up with:Supernatural,Glee,Gossip Girl (not so much anymore),Queer As Folk,American Idol(Season 8),Leverage,The Actors Involved And Various other things. :)
*I Am very into Supernatural and have been watching since the first episode
*Also a Major Fic reader and am amazed at how many talented Writers there are here.
* I have written Dozens of fics but never been able to put an end to any of them (But will start taking requests to try and fix that :)
*I am Also Volunteering as a Beta for anyone who needs help.
*I am also going to try and start posting things relevant to the communities i am in,i have always been very careful to not offend anyone or unknowingly post something owned by someone else or that is not welcome by people.
Well, thats pretty much it,i have gotten to know lots of you and have made some amazing and talented friends and hope to keep making more,thank you for reading my very long and drawn out explanation lol
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15 February 2011 @ 03:06 am
I was thinking today that i have one of the most awesome friends lists around with so many talented and creative people,and some of you i have become really close with so For all of my friends here on livejournal
here is my facebook
So for anyone who wants to add me feel free to do so ,i would like to get to know all of my friends on here better :)